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Learn How to Cook a Turkey from Experts


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Posted by rr1455 - November 24, 2016 at 2:15 am

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Happy Thanksgiving and what we are thankful for:

Expert News – The Practice-Building Newsletter for Experts
Thanksgiving 2016
Expert News is a publication of Expert Communications, Inc. , Expert Witness Marketing Consultants

What I am thankful for:
Parents with moral and ethical values they passed on to their children. Was my home perfect? Oh, no. But I see the standards they set in most areas of life play out in my everyday life.

Good genes. Yes, I try to eat well and exercise. But I don’t do nearly well enough to merit the energy and vitality that I have at my age. I simply drew the right card. And I am grateful.
Teachers in my elementary school in a modest neighborhood in a small Texas city. In my professional life I draw more upon what I learned from these ladies (mostly unmarried/committed to their profession) than what I learned in high school or even college.
The “bad” decisions I made in my young adult life. I can’t say I learned much from my successes, but I certainly learned from my mess-ups.
The little angel who tapped me on my shoulder (in a conference!) and changed my mind about having a second child. Ten months later an odyssey began that would bring me to my knees with a much-more-than-difficult child. That child is now my business partner, my best friend, and the light of my life.
The less-than-grateful attitude of the legal publishing company I worked for and doubled their expert witness advertising revenue, which attitude resulted in my going out on my own, creating the company I have and love.
Falling and shattering my shoulder in 2013. I would have considered myself patient, empathetic, and grateful. Not so much, as the kids would say. As a consequence of infinitely-small-steps physical therapy after surgery, realizing that veterans and other severely injured people would not heal as I would, and accepting help from people at a basic level I had never envisioned, I grew. Astronomically.
Our (Meredith’s and my) clients — The ones who say “Whatever you think best” and the ones who question and even whine. We learn more from the latter (but don’t use that for motivation!).
A habit I have established is to express, every morning, ten or twelve things for which I am grateful. It’s interesting that many of them are for what we might consider “bad things.” Could there be a plan? I consider it a possibility. (Smile)
Happy Thanksgiving from Meredith and me.
(Note from editor: Be looking for the November newsletter in your inbox next week! — Meredith)
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Posted by rr1455 - November 23, 2016 at 11:06 pm

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