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7 Star Hotels Top 10 in the World 2014

1. Burj Al Arab:
Burj Al Arab is considered as the number one seven star hotel in the world.
Location – Dubai, UAE
Cost of construction – $650 million dollars
Opened on- 1st Dec 1999
Number of rooms- 205
No of Floors – 70

2. Town House Galleria:
This is one of the finest in the world in terms of luxury and hospitality.
Location- Milan, Italy
Opened on – March 2007
Number of rooms – 500 plus

3. Morgan Plaza:
Morgan Plaza is now called as Pangu 7 star hotel. This 7 star hotel has the 4th largest library in the world and the first of its kind in China.
Location – Beijing, China
Opened on – 2008

4. The Flower of the East:
This beautiful looking modern 7 star hotel is considered as the landmark project for Iran. This is a very big project expected to be finished in 2010, but unfortunately this project is on hold.
Location – Kish Island, Iran
Number of rooms – 200 plus
Cost of the project – 1.7 Billion Euro

5. Tameer Towers Abu Dhabi:
This is one of the biggest star hotel project in Abu Dhabi. This project is still on hold. It was expected to be completed in 2011.
Location- Abu Dhabi, UAE
Project cost – 13.5 Billion dollars (Approx.)
Number of floors – 73 floors
Number of rooms – 150+ executive rooms

6. The Centaurus:
This is one of the biggest and most luxurious projects in Pakistan. This project is still running and in progress which is going to put Pakistan on the International travellers map. The centaurus project was expected to be completed this year.
Location – Islamabad, Pakistan.
Cost of the project – 350 Million dollars
Number of floor – 37 floors (Multiple towers with floors ranging from 25 to 37)
The best part of this building is, it can withstand earthquake with a magnitude of 9.5 Ritcher scale.

7. Emirates Palace – Abu Dhabi:
This is a luxury hotel in Abu Dhabi, which is known for its well acquainted luxury service and a beautiful beach view. This is one of the well know landmark in Abu Dhabi. This luxury 7 star hotel is spread on a larger area as seen on the picture above.
Location – Abu Dhabi, UAE
Cost of construction – 1.9 Billion Dollars
Number of rooms – 300 plus rooms and 90 plus suites
Palace ground suite is the most expensive to stay for a night in this hotel costing more than $11,000.

8. The Pentominium:
Pentominium is going to be the tallest residental building in the world. This is a super tall skyscraper under construction in Dubai. In Aug this year, the construction was put on hold.
Location – Dubai, UAE
Number of floors – 120 floors
Estimated completion – 2013
Cost of the project – 400 million dollars

9. Lacula Island, Fiji:
This island turned hotel is a private island owned by Malcom Forbes. This hotel finds itself in the worlds most beautiful islands. This hotel is the ultimatley place for the relaxation from the busy huzzle buzzle of the city. This hotel looks like a seven star resort.
Location – Northeastern group of Island, Fiji
Cost of the redevelopment – 30 Million Dollars
Number of residence – 25 only, 80 guests can accommodate

10. ITC Grand Chola:
ITC Grand Chola located in Chennai, claims to be seven star rated. This hotel is under construction and it is expected to be inaugurated by 2011. This hotel is a superior and gigantic luxury hotel and first of its kind in India with such luxury amenities. Grand Chola hoping to be a big landmark for India and Chennai.
Location – Chennai, India
Number of luxury rooms – 600 (100 service high end apartments)
Cost of project – 2 Billion Dollar (Approx.) or 800-1000 crore INR.


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